We don’t subscribe to the one size fit all model of massage therapy. Instead, we listen to your concerns and focus the work on areas of discomfort. Rather than offering a type of massage such as Swedish or deep tissue, we customize each massage to fit you. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage after a long workweek, need to reduce muscle tension after a race, or relief from chronic pain, we work to provide you with an excellent massage experience.

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Cyril Willemin, LMT, CPR

National Certified Board Massage Therapist, NCBTMB
Licensed in the State of Illinois
Member, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Massage Therapy Certification Program, National College of Naprapathic Medicine, Chicago, IL

As a licensed massage therapist, my goal is to improve the quality of life for my clients. My extensive knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and common ailments that affect the muscular system allow me to customize each massage to fit your needs. My expertise includes Swedish massage, trigger point recognition, neuromuscular therapy, joint mobilization, pre-natal massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage and sports massage.

As a marathoner, I am also interested in massage therapy as a treatment option for sports related issues including injuries, sore muscles, cramps and loss of flexibility. After having four knee surgeries, I can attest to the power of massage therapy for rehabilitation. It has been instrumental in helping me heal and continue running marathons.

My background in sports includes competing in cycling, duathlon, 27 marathons, qualifying 21 times for the French marathon championship and qualifying 14 times for the French half-marathon championship. I have won regional champion status in both mountain race and half-marathon. I am also the USA Cycling Masters Game winner in 2016. Having worked closely with professional cyclists, I understand the demands that sports put on the body.

Massage therapy is a natural option to facilitate rehabilitation, control pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation.



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